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We are an Internet service provider located at an elevation of 5,479 feet. Our services include WEBSITE DESIGN, DSL, WIRELESS and COMPUTER REPAIR and SALES. Our primary focus is the advancement and preservation of the Arts, Culture and the Environment through the use of digital technologies. We strongly believe that Idyllwild is much more than a collection of pleasant shops . . . but in fact a collection of creative talent located in a dramatic environment that rivals any other area on earth.

What type of person hangs around the Green Cafe? Have a seat, hold your breath, & look at some of society's greatest public enemies...

As so much as rapidly changed on the Idyllwild scene, we thought we would completely revamp our links section. A new listing will appear gradually over the 2018 summer season.


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Idyllwild - Hwy 243/N Circle 11:08 AM July 26, 2018
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Fern Valley - N Circle 12:35 PM July 26, 2018
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Idyllwild - Hwy 243/N Circle 11:07 AM July 26, 2018
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Idyllwild - N Circle 3:25 PM July 25, 2018
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Idyllwild - N Circle 3:39 PM July 25, 2018
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In reviewing the CHP logs for the initial report of fire, we can form some picture of the Cranston Fire origins. At 11:40 AM on Wednesday 7/25/18, CHP issued a "Report of Fire" notice to the media. The location was reported near where Sr74 East and the Old Control Rd intersect (closest landmark is 1.83 Miles East of Bee Canyon Truck Trail near mile marker 51). This places the start of the fire at 5.31 miles WSW of Idyllwild, as the crow flies, and 12.53 miles by road along Highway 243 and State Highway 74 (drive time estimated at 21 minutes from Idyllwild). In review of the Cal Fire site, coordinates are essentialy the same. For the mathematically curious, I used 33.725905 for latitude and -116.80601 for longitude.

From the latitude and longitude provided from the CHP report and employing Google APIs, we can map the approximate location of the start of the fire. Using street views feature, we get the following:

NOTE: The above information is an estimate only, based on reported information. Accuracy is not assumed in any sense.

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----- 10/17/2018 -----

(161) 10/17/18 - 11:45 PM - Power functioning on N. Circle Dr. Current Temperature 63 °F. Pressure is 29.96 InHg. Winds 1-5 Mph North. Skies Clear.

(160) 10/16/18 - 7:18 PM - Power!. Have a great evening!

(159) 10/16/18 - 5:18 PM - No power on N. Circle. Little wind and temperatures in the 50s.

(158) 10/16/18 - 4:00 pm - mild winds. 57 F. No power on most of N. Circle. 2 to 3 hours estimate for electricity to be restored.

(157) 10/16/18 - 1:36 pm 57 F. Power on in parts of town.

(156) 10/16/18 - 11:11 AM 51 F. with mild winds

(155) 10/16/18 - 9:00 AM - Currently 40F. No Wind. No power.

(154) 10/16/18 - 7:40 AM - Power on at 3:00 PM today if lines are ok. Temperature is 37 F.

(153) 10/16/18 - 6:40 AM - Still no power. Currently 37 F. with 1-3 MPH winds. Skies clear.

(152) 10/15/18 - 6:44 PM - Below 50 F. now with lesser winds. Hopeully will have some electricity tomorrow. Good night.

(151) 10/15/18 - 5:18 PM - Power out till at least 11:00 AM tomorrow. Power is out in much of the state due to excessive wind and fire danger.

(150) 10/15/18 - 5:00 PM - Power out. Currently 50 F with winds up to 15 plus per hour. Baromtric pressure is not changing.

(149) 10/15/18 - 4:05 PM - Power is out. Currently sunny with a temperature of 60F. Winds are lesser now at about 5 to 10 MPH. Pressure is still at 29.88 InHg.

(148) 10/15/18 - 3:05 PM - Power is still out in town. Current temperature is 56 degrees F. Winds varies from 2 to 10 MPH. Pressure is constant at 29.88 InHg. Most stores are closed but Village Market is open as well as the Red Kettle. Gas Stations appear to be open to. Bank is closed and so is the ATM. Forest Station is closed.

(147) 10/15/18 - 2:14 PM - Power is still out in town. Current temperature is 56 degrees F. Winds over 10 MPH primarily in the East direction. Pressure 29.88 InHg.

(146) 10/15/18 - 1:09 PM - No Power in Town. Very windy. Power company says till 7:30 tonight minimum. Skies are very clear but chilly conditions. Updates every hour here. Apparently there has been some damage to the power lines locally.

Wednesday, Oct 17 2018
Sun rises 6:53 am, sets 6:10 pm
Civil Day 6:28 am - 6:36 pm
Moon rises 2:33 pm, sets 12:16 am


Idyllwild is a wonderful place to 'gaze' at the stars, planets, and moon. Below are the rise & set times (24 hour format) of all the planets in our solar system (including Pluto). The celestial bodies are arranged in chronological rise time order and can be experienced in the Idyllwild area by looking in the lower southeast sky (towards Garner Valley).

If the name of the planet is in purple, then it is currently visible under suitable conditions. To view the setting planet, look in the lower southwest sky, towards Hemet.

08:04 / 18:15

08:22 / 18:53

09:19 / 19:44

12:16 / 22:14

13:18 / 23:20

14:57 / 01:15

16:15 / 03:44

18:22 / 07:26

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